CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

CBD OIL FOR PAIN! Review & Side Effects

Hey guys! I posted a picture on instagram the other day using a CBD oil vape and I got so many questions that I thought i’d make a video about it! Let me know if you have any other questions and give this video a thumbs up please if you like it!
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  1. I applaud you for being so informed. NYC is being infiltrated with so much CBD items now lol, I’m planning on getting a cbd pen just because I always have insane back pains and anxiety.

  2. I have constant muscle pain and fatigue throughout the day. It has been two weeks since I started using Full Spectrum CBD Oil by Thoughtcloud CBD and found it really effective. It made me feel calm and less tired as well as reduced my pain. Would definitely recommend using this miraculous remedy. https://thoughtcloud.net
    They also have an amazing affiliate program that helped me save on my purchase. yay!!

  3. Pharmaceuticals are bad. Cannabis is naturally good, unless taken in thru smoke. Smoke in the body quickly oxidizes the lungs, which ages and destroys the body.

  4. I have chronic mental illness that manifests into physical disadvantages. Not to mention some days Im so debilitated that I cant get out of bed because of fear and feeling emotional unstabalized. So Im trying it to help aid in my transformation. And sleep.

  5. I’m a kidney dialysis patient and i use a CBD Vape Pen and it helps me relax and relieves my cramps and other pains. it works great. you want to get a higher milligrams like 600 to 1000 for it to work well.

  6. The truth is now no one died from the CBD oil no one died from the kratom but if you got cancer and you do that radiation and chemotherapy you’re just putting poison in the UN prolonging just a little bit longer it’s best to juice marijuana juice

  7. I suffer from epilepsy, migraines (due to the epilepsy), anxiety and depression. CBD has literally changed my life. I been using tinctures by Knockout CBD and I am no longer on medication of any sort, it has literally taken it all away! EVEN THE SEIZURES!! I am so thankful to have this which allows me to have a normal life. If you have any of these conditions please try. They also sell only at https://knockoutcbd.com/

  8. Hi, I’m a newbie. Trying it for chronic pain, as well. How many puffs do you do and how many times per day? My pen gives 2.5 mg per puff and I’ve done 12 puffs over 4 hrs and don’t feel my pain is relieved. Thanx!

  9. CBD is worthless when it comes to treating pain, literally worthless since it has no painkilling properties, however it is extremely effective treating epilepsy. If you are suffering from pain, especially pain in your brain, then take THC oil, it is extremely effective and you can take as much as you need to get rid of the pain, the only drawback is the psychoactive effect that THC has, but it only lasts for a few hours, that’s why most people take THC oil right before going to bed, that way when you wake up you’ll be fine and with no pain.

  10. I’m looking out the window here in S. Oregon and literally am seeing cbd hemp as far as the eye can see. Driving around the valley, hemp is everywhere. Nikki… I’m sure it will get much cheaper pretty quick.

  11. Summary: CBD products "generally" have no THC anyways so whatever you believe in, it shouldn’t matter. Great informative video 🙂

  12. I smoked marijuana in the past to help with pain in my back and chronic knee problems and stress management. With my new job I cant smoke anymore cause I cant risk losing my job if I get a random drug test so I’ve been taking too much ibuprofen. I found out about the benefits of using cbd recently and I’ve been vaping cbd oil for a few days now and the pain I felt daily is almost all gone. I haven’t felt this good in years.

  13. I found one of those cbd luxe vape pens in my step moms drawer while looking for something, I thought she was doing drugs but I searched it up and remembered she has horrible pain and went through a surgery a few weeks ago, I hope she gets better while using this pen!

  14. Look into the Hemp Bomb product line, They are highly respected and all their stuff has been lab tested for purity. I use Gummy Bears CBD, 25mg per gummy and vape Hemp Bomb CBD. They can be found on the internet or at a retail outlet near you.

  15. Just found you… I’m going off Rx pain meds, but I still have pain, so I’m looking into cbd. I just have so many other factors. But, have you ever been evaluated for connective tissue disorders? I have Ehlers-danlos syndrome & your brief medical history could be mine word for word. Haha, nevermind just watched further. But on average it takes 12yrs to be diagnosed. There are several other CTDs that aren’t EDS

  16. Wow I used to watch your videos when I was in like sixth grade now I’m not even in highschool!! That’s so dope that you put this video put there you probably opened up so many people’s minds your awesome chicka

  17. Well I am using CBD oil 2500 I started off with 500. I can only speak for myself I’m a 49er best baby boom talk. And it works perfect and I can only speak for myself. I just have one question and I know you’re not a doctor what effect does it have on your kidneys your lungs your liver?

  18. I’m going to recommend Ananda Hemp & Ananda Professional CBD products. You don’t know what kind of contaminants are in your CBD product, but with them, each batch is independently tested by a 3rd party lab and their product is guaranteed to be clean. You can look up the results yourself.

    They also offer THC free product.

  19. Cbd literally saved my life I have severe PTSD every moment was like heart attack I couldn’t live like this anymore..CBD is a cure .

  20. There is some CBD oil that contains THC small amounts, you just have to make sure the CBD you purchase is THC free..

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