CBD Health of Indiana

CBD Health of Indiana

If you haven’t been then you really are missing out. Cbd is life changing and great for so many thing. The people over at CBD health of Indiana are helping Hoosiers and saving lives. They carry top of the line product and follow ever law. They are highly respectable mature adults and know their info so just feel free to ask.

The strain in reviewing today is Berry Exotic
and it is coming in at 17.66%cbd
This is not a marijuana product.
this is industrial hemp and is legal in all states.

here are links to their sites.

facebook: www.facebook.com/CBDhealthofIndiana/

website: cbdhealthofindiana.com/

the address is
954 north state road 135
Greenwood, Indiana 46142

So what are waiting on get in and get your cbd before its gone. And if your new ask questions and try things. there’s something for everyone.


  1. You need 0.3% delta-9 to go with your CBD or is more harmful for your body don’t take my word for it I just been a stoner all my life and I will continue to do it even after this communist prohibition state does their stupidity they either will have to kill meor whatever I don’t care they might as well put a bullet in my head I just do not give a f*** no more I am sick and tired of prohibition absolutely sick and tired of this kind of country sick and tired of this timing a state and it’s propaganda laws in time a piece of s*** at Walmart I’m not including Bedford PD Police department is nothing but a bunch of fishesI want the Wagner fend whatever they come across CBD flower or vape they want to get their lips as tight as their butthole only thing they’re doing is driving people crazy in just showing their true colors whenever they are continuing this propaganda an insubordinate action against innocent people they should be held accountable and put to death brother actions against innocent people it is downright criminal and then murder to keep on targeting people who are doing what they love best why is it such a crime to enjoy a wonderful plant that God put here and brought on this planet for us to use I think it’s downright criminal or these Communists in this state to do this to people like me at needs the Cannabis to to control my anger issues in my pain without it I’m uncontrollable and at a lot of people’s hands cuz I am unstoppable when my anxiety gets flustered and so many ways I’m a loose cannon about to go off people like you sir stand up and fight all of you out there or cannabis users like me let’s join together as one and that’s over throw is coming estate what’s bringing marijuana and other forms like it I’m big supporter of hemp big supporter of marijuana let’s get smoking God bless you all and I hope the rest of you will either change or put a bullet in your head

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