CBD For Dogs – A Miracle Cure for Seizures, Pain + Cancer (what you need to know)?

CBD For Dogs – A Miracle Cure for Seizures, Pain + Cancer (what you need to know)?

It seems like you can’t look anything up on the internet at the moment without reading claims that CBD for dogs will cure any and every medical problem imaginable. From seizures, to pain, to anxiety and even cancer; CBD oil is the miracle cure your vet is unlikely to be talking about…or is it!

Here is one CBD oil with independent analysis: https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=984182&u=1920030&m=54193&urllink=&afftrack=

There are lots of claims out there. CBD for dogs will cure cancer, stop seizures in dogs with epilepsy, eliminate pain due to arthritis as well as reverse dementia, senility and canine cognitive dysfunction. Can you believe these claims and should you be giving CBD oil to your dog?

In this video I discuss the truth behind the claims behind CBD for dogs and give my opinion of when you should consider using it.

Marijuana effects on dogs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjUyD_uiwuo
Dementia in dogs: https://youtu.be/hXnKXaTA0pk
Arthritis treatment: https://youtu.be/_y4MnPqWyKo
Placebo effect and caregiver placebo: https://youtu.be/4RzCqm4j8kE

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  1. I use high-quality CBD for pets. I know my girl asks for it. Gets tail wagging when she sees the bottle. She is an old dog so if it makes her happy it is all good.

  2. My dogs do not have any current known health issues, but I am wondering if I should start giving them CBD for general wellness?

  3. Glad I subscribed!

    I’ve been using CBD myself for pain management. It’s been very beneficial for me, but I would wait a little bit for more conclusive research on the safety of use in animals before giving it to my pets. If you’re in California and wanted to make sure CBD oil for your pets contained CBD, I’d recommend going to a dispensary rather than amazon.

  4. We are using CBD treats for our dog. They are a very low dosage but he has a lot of anxiety and it is helping. Makes him a little sleepy at times but he seems to enjoy not being so stressed. He was a rescue and we don’t know his background. He would get very upset when we were leaving, packing for an outing or vacation, or if the weather was bad.

  5. Great info! I just listened to this on your podcast today and found it to be very interesting. I like your enthusiasm and openness to trying new modalities but also your care to go with evidence-based medicine and not simply anecdotal evidence. What a great topic and discussion!

  6. I took my Shih Tzu off potassium bromide & put him on CBD. Been 30 days & he’s had 2 seizures. 2nd one very intense….I guess I’ll go back to PB.

  7. My 9yr old corgi/terrier mix, Rocky would not stop scratching. Vet started him on Apoquel, which helped about 70% so it wasn’t too bad. A year later, he started coughing and panting for air on our long walks (less than a mile) or when he runs around. Vet exams him and says he has an enlarge heart and liquid in his lungs then started him on 2 more meds to help this and 1 more medication to help his liver process all 3 medications. My vibrant boy is no more 🙁 …. I was searching online for an alternative that would help him and be safe for his liver and found CBD. Oh my goodness, there are so many out there, how do I decide??? My friend told me to go with a "USA" company that provides Lab Test Results. After many hours, days and weeks of searching… EUREKA!! I finally found one!! I noticed the very next day of giving him the CBD Spray the difference in him. More playful and bugging me to take him out on walks lol

  8. 1:41 "If you believe everything you read and this is something I do not recomend" yet you yourself had to absorb everything your read during your years of study or you would not be Dr today.
    There in lies the paradox and we must question,, Who’s truth,,, Who’s Motives, Who’s Profit.
    Sadly people are often to lazy and assumptive to do any real researdh other than suppeficial,,, but the infromation you need is out there.just look a bit further than your Dr., Wiki or Cancer Research for your information!

  9. Please folks. Do your homework before just administering this. He even says so in the video multiple times that the science isn’t conclusive it’s in progress.
    Just be careful.

  10. Please tell me what type of cbd oil should I use for canine distemper servive puppy. My 4 month old puppy servives touching in front leg. Please tell me.

  11. My 3 year old pitbull has been having seizures since he was 9 months old, a friend suggested CDB oil and for us it has not stopped his seizures but I give it to him when he starts seizing and it seems to bring him out of the seizure much quicker and they seem less intense. Also when I notice his signs that one is coming I give him a dose . Now he has not had one when I do this but I do not know for sure if it stopped it or if he was not going to have one. I have winged him off his meds and he is like a new dog. He as so much energy he is like a puppy again. He seems to have them less often about one a month verses up to 3 a month before so for us the CDB oil is GREAT!

  12. Is this available in Australia ? My 12.5 year old Jack Russell Terrier has a tumor in his chest , an enlarged heart , a heart murmur , lesions & fluid in his lungs , kidney damage … He’s on 6 tablets a day for the rest of his life and requires 2 surgeries etc etc..I don’t want to put him through more trauma and absolutely hate Big Pharma …I want to try CBD Oil to help him …can you please tell me if it will cure him or atleast ease his condition ? How do I get this ? Thankyou so much.

  13. My 2 year old German Shepherd was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy he would take between 1 or 2 gmals every 20 days or so and was put on Pexion which seemed to then trigger him to have 5 or so gmals in a 24 hour period, it also changed his personality. Then prescribed epiphen for around 2 months and this made no difference to amount of seizures.
    I ordered 1500 mg cbd oil put him on 6 drops twice a day first week then upped to 8 drops for next week , this seemed to influence the severity and duration of seizures dramatically but not stop them.
    I ordered 3000mg cbd and started him on 6 drops twice daily, now we are nearly forty days in and no episodes as of yet so It certainly doing something and no liver damaging drugs either
    .I may add that the oil im buying isnt the real expensive stuff this is stuff from fleabay, costs around £24.00 for 30 mi.

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