CBD/Cannabis | Animal Health, Wellness + Consciousness

CBD/Cannabis | Animal Health, Wellness + Consciousness

In this episode of Charmed Life, Tricia Carr welcomes Erika Valentina Doria, sought after expert and consultant on animals and CBD. Join as your hosts discuss CBD/Cannabis and the Next Frontier in Animal Health, Wellness and Consciousness.

3:30 The new frontier in animal health and wellness

6:20 Falling in love with cannabis

7:24 What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana?

13:00 The endocannabinoid system as the future of medicine

15:00 Using cannabis for your animals

17:00 The science and spirituality of cannabis

22:00 The stigma of marijuana + the many uses of cannabis

26:00 Using CBD to assist your animals

45:00 The endocannabinoid system, homeostasis in the body, and cannabis as a teacher of the energy body

48:00 Using cannabis as a tool

Erika Valentina Doria

Los Angeles Mystic Arts Academy with Tricia Carr

Tricia Carr:

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