Canada Votes 2019: Election Night Special

Canada Votes 2019: Election Night Special

Watch our federal election night special as we bring you live riding-by-riding results from across the country. You can also watch this special in American Sign Language on CBC Gem:

Track the results here:

Here’s what you need to know before you vote:

Read more about the 60 ridings where the election will be won and lost:

How do your views align with those of the parties? Check out CBC’s Vote Compass:

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  1. Just a tip. Maybe not cover individual riding returns with the popular vote bars for such a long period of time. I like knowing the status of individual races as they come in more than looking at a practically unchanging popular vote figure.

  2. Trudeau will have to work with other parties now. He has absolutely no choice. It would be political suicide not to. He will have work with the Conservatives to get the pipeline through BC. That is a major issue that must be addressed. A minority government is probably the best thing to happen in our country.

  3. Rosemary,

    I hope you read this: Growing up, I considered the CBC to be a high quality, neutral, and impartial news network. Objectivity in journalism, that is, providing the facts alone, letting audiences interpret those facts on their own and allowing the audience to make up their own mind about a story is of the utmost importance to protect the independence of the CBC and to act responsibly and to be accountable.

    In the past few months, I’ve noticed that there has been a slight left leaning bias (i.e. Trudeau) coming into your network. I’m also a bit confused as to why world news picked up Trudeau blackface a day before CBC did, and even when it was reported, it wasn’t immediately on the front page. I dismissed this as a misinterpretation on my part, and of little consequence. After all, it’s nearly impossible to have a completely neutral stance on everything. But your coverage of the election yesterday was something else.

    You had an incredibly unprofessional demeanour throughout your reporting of the election, and instantly stood out against the panel as being inexperienced, impartial, and rude. The rest of the panel seemed more professional, objective, and composed.

    You need to go back and read the Journalistic Standards and Practices section of the CBC and ensure that you abide by them You were truly embarrassing and should be ashamed of how you reported election yesterday. Please go back and rewatch your own segments, and as yourself whether any respectable and *impartial* journalist would consider your tone professional? I say this as a centralist/traditional liberal myself. Your snide remarks and scoffs at Bernier and the Conservatives are especially telling.

    Few examples:
    When you “offer your advice” to Liberal MP Adam van Koeverden, that he should not
    call Lisa Raitt right away and let her deal with a grief, while scoffing.
    –“Andrew Scheer going to Ralph Goodale’s riding.” Liberals you know. Like yourself?
    Who give us examples? And how is this different than Liberals going to Milton
    riding to take the seat away from long-time MP Raitt?
    – “Lost all their deposits, so they may not be thrilled with you or want to
    work with you”, again with a scoff.

    I understand that as the host you are encouraging engagement amongst the panel, you let your loyalty to the liberals show a number of times, and your awkward pauses and scoffs were cringey to the audience. Please maintain your neutrality, many people question the journalistic objectivity of the CBC, and it’s no wonder given your insecure and immature style of reporting.

  4. the once mighty italian mafia now turns into isis shitskins just like the scene with dennis hopper in true romance

  5. Mentality is?! The conservatives didn’t expect to win a Majority government, and it would have been a win had they got Minority government; but it’s a lose for the Liberal party even though Trudeau remains Prime Minister of Canada. Way to spin that wheel both ways. Conservatives lose, but Trudeau didn’t win. Keep telling yourself that, think I’ll mail Trudeau a letter of congratulations; his mailing address is the same. lol

  6. Bon ! Les Bouseux du Q. ont remis leurs bottes et sont sortis de l"étable pour faire revivre les Séparatistes. Il parait qu’ils ont voté pour le fils de Duceppe pour que lui et son Bloc soient Premier Ministre du CANADA…. rire … Vrai ! On recommence avec les âneries du Bloc, les rois des limaces séparat…. du Q. à Ottawa. Au Q. On avance d’un pas et hop vite on recule de 3 pas. On va nulle part, on continue de stagner à cause de l’égocentrisme stupide et la cupidité des séparatisssses. Espérons qu’aux élections Provinciales on ne retourne pas avec des promesses d’un autre référendum et de plonger encore plus dans la vieille m arde du Q. Ça rime à quoi d’avoir voter pour tous ces Blocs là ? Ils sont complètement inutiles et super risibles. Je sais Gilles Duceppe a fait fortune et s’est peloter une super pension à vie au Club Med d’Ottawa, sans rien faire … Ok les autres veulent faire pareil … C,est normal !

  7. Guys, you are way too calm. Where are the scandals? Briberies? Public meltdowns? Take a look at your southern neighbors and thank God you live in such a wonderful country.

  8. What a clown, doesn’t even let the man give his concession speech. Great character you people from Ontario and Quebec voted in

  9. We uh, we have recently switched to drinking uh water bottles out of uh, water out of uh when we have water bottles out of uh plastic…uh, sorry! -away from plastic towards uh paper..umm…like, drink box water bottle things

  10. Justin Trudeau only got re-elected because everyone else was even more unfit than he is in this election.
    It is okay though, we only have to go downwards for another four years….amazing how someone who did blackface is still voted Prime Minster of Canada.
    Get ready for high gas prices and nothing mildly beneficial to help us Canadians.
    Hopefully we do better next time.


  12. I can’t believe Canada voted for these cool aide haired lunatics!!! They are a bunch of values-perverting fornicators. They’re not the solution, they’re the problem!!!
    The only way these Leftist narcissists can get into office, is by rigging the election.
    There! I said it!!!!

  13. If Canadians decide they don’t want Justin Trudeau we Americans will welcome him with open arms!! We can fast track his citizenship and put him on the ballot Nov. 2020!

  14. The word canada comes from the word candida witch is a fungus, meaning that canadians are a fungus and need to be treated with the medication TRUMPOXADONE.

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