Can People Recover From Mental Illness? Mad Wisdom Depression Project

Can People Recover From Mental Illness? Mad Wisdom Depression Project

Can People Recover From Mental Illness? Mad Wisdom Depression Project

Anna Miller form the Depression project interviews Karen Beth Glunz about mad wisdom needed to overcome depression and bipolar disorders without going through the conventional mental health system and being drugged by psychiatry. Can people every really become fully recovered or cured from mental illness?

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  1. @dervishmadwhirler The idea that cancer is a fungus is a scam created by an alternative medicine nutball trying to sell books. It’s been debunked. Come on, I can’t be the only person who knows how to use google.

  2. @voiceofreason2u Amen! Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life. The real secret to happiness is to be vigilant in thinking positive thoughts no matter what. Like a simple thing you could start with is when something goes wrong or not according to plan think about what could have been worse and be glad/grateful that it didn’t. Think about goals or things you want to achieve and set out to fulfill your own self prophecies on a daily basis. Work hard to be positive.

  3. @carlabonesso
    I am sorry Carla, but I have studied psychology. I have read all the ‘names’ and the only thing which stands out is, that people are believed to have to conform to a certain norm which is way too standardized. There is no objective reality.
    Each person is unique and has a certain way of looking at reality.
    In many cases, the only thing needed is to have people accept who they are and get comfortable in their own specific worldview.. Not trying to conform.

  4. there is one thing that will cure any mental illness … SUNLIGHT. The more you get, the better for your body and mind, but only go out when the sun is not at the strongest, eg morning and just before sunset.

  5. @punkndis0rderly apparently we have naturally developed disgust of some illnesses as it actually causes us to build resistances to it. It can even be a negative attitude. our minds and bodies are very powerful.

  6. Go out when the sun is medium-low in the sky, and take off sunglasses, don’t use sunscreen so your body can absorb all the healthy rays of sunlight, done regularly- this will cure all mental illnesses, from depression, paranoia, bi-polar, schizophrenia, etc…

  7. @carlabonesso
    You are presupposing that the established method of psychoanalysis and therapy is the only valid way. All that has been done by Freud et al. is to establish a certain paradigm as being the most valid one. Again, Psychology and psychiatry are not sciences; they are merely theories which have to be adapted constantly to changing ideas about mental health. With a very bad track record. With a percentage of cured patients which is shamefully low. SCIENTIFIC FACT.

  8. I don’t believe in chemical psychology either. Its not a physical issue so it should not be dealt as one. Indeed really you yourself have to cure your own mind. no one can control your mind other than you, only restrain it.

  9. @piwacket33 I think you are on to something. Like for example do you honestly believe that it was some kind of fruit that made our first parents mortal? I always say to people think again for the Bible is really full of symbolism. What if in truth they consented to believe in something that made them mortal as a side effect? Then they signed like a contract in blood to seal the deal and that is the symbolism of the partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge?

  10. @TheLaughingOut
    Ummm, what is a scam? Can you be more specific?
    WHO is a nutball trying to sell books? Did I miss something? Was I talking about a book? Or a specific person?
    PLease, clarify your comment.

  11. @riotgearhead lol your attitudes towards them really affects you also. but people make everyone depressed. they also make people happy. sometimes some people make you happy others depress you. thats just how it is! you get to chose who you are physically close to you know.

  12. @dervishmadwhirler That is a scam! It’s a nutball trying to sell books. Do some actual SCIENTIFIC research before you comment again.

  13. @dervishmadwhirler your comment "My ‘name’ is Dervish Mad Whirler, I am almost 43…My preferred ‘sacramental’ substances are LSD and DMT"

    What exactly is your duty?

  14. i might not of been manic but i had panic attacks… I went on a raw food diet heavy in greens and cured myself… couple months ago i got peer pressured into changing my diet and my panic disorder came back… i am not going back to my original diet and i am feeling stable again. yay! =^-^=

  15. @carlabonesso
    When you study psychology and get into the material it becomes apparent that it’s all quackery and conjecture.
    Psychologists and psychiatrists are dealers for the Pharmaceutical industry.
    It has been proven that SSRI’s and most psychiatric medicine does not cure any of the mental ‘disorders’ they only repress the symptoms for the outside world; the patient still wrestles with the problems.
    Most problems can be cured by changing diet and activities.

  16. @TheLaughingOut
    Dude, you have it all wrong; the mind and your attitude are in charge of the chemical balance in your mind and body. changing your way of thinking in many cases totally rewires your chemical and electrical balance. allowing carcinomes to shrink and even disappear. Cancer is NOT a physical mutation. Cancer is a fungal disease, causing rapid, uncontrolled cell-growth.
    Your uninformed opinion is dangerous. Go study some more, there have been new discoveries in cancer research.

  17. You have still to make a video about real mental illnesses, those of the variety where the patient claims to be Napoleon Boneparte and the people he meets in the streets are North African rebels preventing him from conquering Egypt who must be slaughtered.

  18. U don’t know about Shamans and the fact that hallucinationgenic drugs are spiritual and altered the conscienciousness to another dimension for a healer to find a cure for his people? Ah, yes, they make MONEY off making some of GOD’S creations ‘illegal’.

  19. @punkndis0rderly Look, there’s no question that our health effects us mentally and our mental state can effect our health. But cancer is a physical mutation that no amount of happy thinking can cure. A positive attitude is great, it’ll help you recover, it’ll help you get through the ordeal of having cancer, it may even improve your chances of survival, but it doesn’t get rid of mutated cells in your body! That’s impossible! That’s magical thinking, and it’s dangerous.

  20. This video’s so full of shit. I just don’t know where to start. There’s no such thing as a chemical imbalance, but you can take drugs that alter the chemicals in your brain and that corrects the problem? You mind explaining that one?
    Also, did she just insinuate that you can cure cancer with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE?!
    What the fuck is wrong with you people! Go back to school.

  21. @SkepticalBliss To mental illness? you are the only person that can do that. to rely on yourself and not on drugs. the human mind is one of the most adaptable things in nature you just need to regain control. simple answer? you dont replace them with anything. free yourself. do something enjoyable instead. life is only how you think of it 🙂

  22. @carlabonesso
    And just for the record; its the established psychology and psychiatry branche of medicine which are compeltely closed minded and attempts to discredit any and every alternative means of treating people.
    I dont have hatred for people and I dont hate people for being different, what gave you that idea?
    I just have a long history of treating and curing people who havent had any positive results from psychiatry and psychology. You will surely meet many of them in your career…

  23. @carlabonesso
    I’ts a sick attitude of yours, calling someone manic. I think you have a disorder yourself, you have a distinct hatred of other people and are jealous of everyone who can manage life without following imposed guidelines for living in soceity.
    University study does not guarantee insight into the mind of man.
    Statistic evidence for the efficacy of psychiatry cannot be produced.
    Study the data a bit and then see if you’ll make your ridiculous remarks.

  24. @carlabonesso
    Freud was a complete psycho!
    He injected himself with cocaine, the guy was paranoid.
    Psychoanalysis, psychiatry and psychology are not sciences! They are at best pseudo-sciences. All theory and no hard evidence for their efficacy.
    Most mental ‘illnesses’ do not exist.
    Dont mistake the existence of psychology for truth.
    The l;argest part of mental problems are a direct result of society being sick. There is NO state of mind which is the right one. Each mind is unique.

  25. @punkndis0rderly What does anything you’ve said here have to do with my comment?
    I know all about medicinal marijuana, I’m on it. What does it have to do with anything?

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