1. i respect that teach your kids .. but in segments.. thats to much info for a child at one time.. let the child be a child brother.. but i do respect passing down knowledge but i believe in 5 or 10 min segments.. there attention span may be short… God Bless

  2. I don’t know much about Polight. I first heard him on blogtalk speaking on someone’s show. I felt he was very intelligent. I actually tried some diet advice that he suggests. The results where amazing. I want to know who has tried their solo tax lien investment fund. Anyone have any info regarding their experience in that area of his and his associates’ service.?

  3. I hate how Bro. mixes truth with lies… and or exaggerates to make things sound better than what is.. seemingly deliberately so.

  4. Dope! love seeing you with the "Fam", keep teaching & debating, we need & love you(pause/no homo)lol!!!!!!!!!!!! BROTHER POLIGHT FO LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SCHOLAR GANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. As a veteran, I can say from experience that soldiers in war will not always agree on the process of winning a war, but never lose focus of the common goal and enemy.

    Has anyone else observed the increased conscious effort by the white establishment/Hollymedia to influence the minds and perceptions of black people with the recent obvious and egregious increase in commercials with a white male as the head of a black family or clearly in a romantic setting with a black woman? Interracial marriages between a black woman and a white male comprise of less than 4% of black marriages; this statistic has not varied up or down beyond a negligible amount in five decades, making it glaringly apparent that a “not so subtle” conspiracy to influence the black family is occurring. The following companies have commercials that implicate them as the most egregious coconspirators: Hershey, GMC/auto company, Tide Detergent, E Trade, Ross/Marshalls/Home Goods, Volkswagen, Red Cross, and Echo Dot/Alexia. These companies are complicit with their deliberate visual attacks on the black community by diminishing the frequency and importants of the image of a black man and women in a dating or family unit. Make these companies aware that you will not sit idle and allow this to continue. Boycott these companies and their products. If you see these commercials running during a show, stop watching and send an email to let them know why your will not watch the show. Spread the word and remain vigilant, because in war, the enemy is relentless.

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