Are Personality Disorders Different From Mental Illness? | Kati Morton

Are Personality Disorders Different From Mental Illness? | Kati Morton

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A personality disorder defined as: a deeply ingrained and maladaptive pattern of behavior of a specified kind, typically manifest by the time one reaches adolescence and causing long-term difficulties in personal relationships or in functioning in society. Without treatment, the behavior and experience is inflexible and usually long-lasting. The pattern is seen in at least two of these areas:
1. Way of thinking about oneself and others
2. Way of responding emotionally
3. Way of relating to other people
4. Way of controlling one’s behavior
Personality disorders are categorized into 3 main groups: 1. Cluster A- which holds the personality disorders that can cause us to act in odd or socially withdrawal. This includes Paranoid PD, Schizoid PD and Schizotypal PD. 2. Cluster B – holds the emotional, erratic or overly dramatic PDs – like Antisocial PD, Borderline, Histrionic PD, and Narcissistic. Cluster C – which holds the more anxious or fearful personality disorder – like Avoidant PD, & Dependent PD.
On the other hand, the term mental illness refers to a wide range of mental health conditions: these are disorders that affect your mood, thinking and behavior.
Therefore, mental illness is a collective term that refers to around 200 types of mental conditions, which are sub-categorized into 5 main classes: 1) anxiety disorders, 2) mood disorders, 3) psychotic disorders/schizophrenia, 4) eating disorders and 5) dementia.
Among all groups, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time. But a mental health concern becomes a mental illness when ongoing signs and symptoms cause frequent stress and affect your ability to function.
In conclusion, a personality disorder is a mental illness, but a very serious one. The reason I say it’s a serious one is because personality disorders are pervasive not episodic. They have been in our lives since we were young, and affect much of our day to day life, not to mention our relationships.
Many people argue that the causes of personality disorders differs from other mental health issues, but I honestly think that’s too tricky a thing to conclude. Different people have different coping skills and resiliency. That’s why siblings can go through the same things and come out very differently. We are all unique, and our mental health is not immune from that. That’s why it’s important that we see a professional, be properly diagnosed and get the treatment that works best for our struggles.
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  1. I love your videos and can’t wait until the next one. But, I was hoping you would have the time to go through in more depth personality disorders. I will research your other videos and see if there is one there. Thank you. ❤

  2. Hi Katie I would like to get in touch with you. I had a very rare M.I during pregnancy that no one knew how to properly treat. It was hell and I want to help raise awareness in the mental health community for other pregnant women struggling.

  3. Any idea why I feel uncomfortable when people are really nice to me? Especially my father. I just feel like it’s easier on me emotionally if he isn’t, but I can’t understand why

  4. why do I think that TYT is grandfathered into vidcon and since nobody will help me is this just wishful thinking or did I watch a vlogbrothers video about it and can’t find it again

    thx for this ha bisky vid I loved this so much

  5. It has recently been suggested that I might have emotionally unstable personality disorder (aka borderline)…but I disagree. I think that although I fit the criteria for eupd, rather it is caused by a combination of depression, PMDD, and trauma. My problem is this: if I accept the diagnosis of eupd, there is help available to me on the NHS, but I don’t qualify for trauma therapy. So do I take a label I don’t agree with in order to get the help I definitely need???

  6. This video made the subject so clear. I understand the definition of "mental illness" and what that label covers so much better. Thx Kati.

  7. I’ve found that being labelled with a personality disorder in the real world is often a way tell someone that they are "too hard" to treat and a way to get rid of them. There is a great deal of blaming the person with the personality disorder. It’s not like something I wanted, like an ice cream, so I don’t know why I am being blamed for it. Personality disorders CAN be treated but a lot of it depends on finding the right therapist and treatment.

  8. I wish I could sit down and talk with you for a couple hours and see what kind of diagnosis you would come to. I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder by everyone I’ve seen, but I still can’t help but question it sometimes. A lot of the symptoms I can see on the depressive side of it, and the manic side I could agree with many years ago, but I don’t have manic episodes like I used to, and sometimes if I’m having them it might take me a while to even recognize it, whereas 10 years ago I could recognize it immediately. My mind is an absolute mess and it’s definitely taking a toll on me physically as well.

  9. Hi I want to ask about something. I hope you can help.

    I eversince u can remember have had a problem showing emotion or gratitude. I feel it’s embarrassing. I can show it with pple not my family (mainly because my family has a different back ground emotionally and its different in how they show emotion)and I have grown up in a different environment and how emotion is expressed. My question is do you know what’s wrong with me?
    I have feelings and emotion but it’s a bit hard to express it like gratitude or apologizes. I am shy to show it with family unlikr with others and sometimes seen as ungrateful etc please help.I just want to know myself so I can tell or try to tell family so they may know me and understand .I tried going to a school counsoler but they said I just need to develop communication skills

  10. I see this question often on Quora. I think people with PDs want to believe they aren’t mental illnesses. Speaks also to the stigma in our society that prevents people from getting help.

  11. Thank you so much for doing this video. I’ve been told so many times that my personality disorder (BPD) isn’t a mental illness and it’s so validating and refreshing for a professional to say it is.

  12. I really believe it’s important to understand what’s going on, and after studying a lot, I could never tell the difference. I have struggled with quiet BPD, and the hardest part is that there’s no breathing moment. You have to be aware of your feelings and reactions all the time and make it a habit. Thanks to mindfulness I’ve realized I stop breathing whenever I start feeling anxious, and the sensations I have from stop breathing worsens the cicle. Learning how to tell the difference between personality disorder and mentall illness is gonna help me A LOT. Thank you so much for the effort of making that and other things so clear. Could you make a video talking about attention disorders? I felt so bad for forgetting about starting my classes ( I’m a teacher ) and other serious stuff, as if I didn’t care enough, but understanding my attention problems through How to ADHD made me realize it wasn’t a carachter flaw and finding coping mechanisms. Love, Mario ❤

  13. I Have BPD and I hate the illness i hate it so much whenever i see a profrwssional most of them just judge me and think im a horrible attention seeker because of my diagnosis

  14. They say it’s just your personality that’s on the tail end of a normal spectrum. Well, I am bipolar. Is my mania on the end of the happiness scale? Is my depression on the tail end of the sadness scale? Is it that simple? Everything that’s not mental wellness or baseline is mental illness. If it hurts. Is schizophrenia on the tail end of intuition and accurate hearing? I mean, hearing is processed differently, Intuition is normal, sometimes it’s right, sometimes it’s wrong and we all have some form of magical thinking whether we know it or not. Is paranoia on the end of a vigilance scale Maybe.That’s what superstitions are about and no one is really free of them whether they know it or not. So what’s not on the tail end of some normal spectrum and why wouldn’t intensity cause distress at some level? Is OCD just worry and carefulness carried out to the extreme? How about anxiety? I mean, we can frame anything anyway we want but if it hurts, it hurts At the end of the day and if it makes us sick, that’s pretty intense. Right?

  15. Thank you. So many dramatic women claim to have been Borderline "their whole life" when you can’t have this disorder in childhood. It comes from a bad childhood.

  16. I think in the cluster C there should not be antisocial personality disorder, but obsessive PD (the OCPD is missing in the video).

  17. I don’t even have the fucking money to get diagnosed. And parents don’t care. They aren’t bad people but they just don’t see it. They just see me as annoyed and lazy

  18. I like that you’re as objective as possible. Too often people just throw terms around that they don’t clearly define or understand and go off anecdotes or personal biases

  19. i always get kind of suspicious about these kind of videos, particularly because i’ve tried to research a lot about bpd over the years in an attempt to understand myself better, and more often than not the information i find is very stigmatizing – usually saying that people with personality disorders are inherently manipulative, sociopathic or just plain toxic, so i’m glad that i found this channel. i wish i’d had this kind of level-headed and actually informative content when i was younger, would’ve saved me a lot of self-hatred.

  20. The nurse practitioner that I see at the mental health clinic. She hates the term personality disorder/s. She and I believe that there’s far more to it than just some annoying "bad" traits.

  21. Literally have one from each of these categories
    In cluster A; I have paranoid disorder most likely but haven’t looked that far into that one yet
    Cluster B; I have bpd borderline personality disorder
    And cluster C; I have avoident personality disorder
    Is this possible cause i know they say you can have more then one I also suffer from anxiety as well as depression but haven’t quite figured out which depressive disorder i suffer from mainly my anxiety disorders are social but can be fears like tight clothing elevator hieghts mainly just people though

  22. Hi Kati, Your presentation is very clear and to the point, thank you. I am not sure if this is the case, but it appears that most comments here are from females, if so; I wonder if there is a reason for that?

  23. My understanding is that mental illness has a biological cause, and personality disorders result from childhood trauma. But I’ve been wrong before………

  24. Can you please do a video on how stress and mental illness can affect appetite? I find that a lot of time I just don’t eat for days when I’m feeling stressed or anxious. Tips on how to fix that?

  25. Hey Katie i love your channel i think it is really important thing to talk about mental illness and also because i think a lot of people ignore and doesn`t talk about it and that is why they do not understand it!

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