A Reflection and Lessons Learned from My Masters Degree in Exercise Science

A Reflection and Lessons Learned from My Masters Degree in Exercise Science

Yesterday, I officially graduated from the University of Windsor with a Master’s of Human Kinetics (Focus in Applied Human Performance), and I thought I would reflect on some of the lessons I learned over the past few years. In this video, I share with you my top 3 benefits from compleiting a master’s degree in exercise science, as well as some of my best personal experiences from the program.

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  1. Hey do you know the difference between exercise physiology and exercise science? I have researched it some but there are no clear answers it seems. I would like to do something along the lines of what your internship was or go private and train athletes so which one of those majors fits my desired jobs better? Any feedback would be appreciated

  2. Great video. Thanks for sharing your experience. I do have some questions.
    What was your job when you did the internship with toronto raptors? And if you had stregnth and conditioning session with the players, when and where did you learn how to train athletes?

    Thank you.

  3. Very informative and encouraging. I am torn between going for either Masters of Exercise Science or Doctor of Physical Therapy, and I also have some setbacks in getting in DPT program. I am already accepted to MES program, and I love the field but have doubts about finding a good and stable job after graduating. I hear some conflicting opinions about this degree and people ending up working as a personal trainer at the gym. I just wanna make sure it will be worth it.

  4. Ok thanks! It seems like exercise physiology may fit what I want more as far as training athletes to improve their athleticism

  5. Hey remy
    Your videos have been real help as i just got to know i have ‘slight’ disc herniation as diagnosed by the pysio therapist.
    I am currently in Canada for my studies and live all alone and my family is back in india.its hard to carry out the daily activities because of the excruciating pain.
    I definitely want to go back home.but i can only afford an economy class seat on the plane and the flight is about 24hours long.
    Please suggest something about how i can carry out this journey
    As you know sitting makes the pain worse.
    Really looking forward to your reply.

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