1. I am ashamed to say I haven’t even heard about the reversals imposed by Gavin Newsom: destroying the immune system of Californians with enforced vaccination, condoning disruption and attacks on other students and teachers in the schools, openly approving mass murder in the state by shielding the Paradise fires with the holly-whore version of "campfire-wildfire".Thank you for bringing up the banana’s dark involvement with Edward Bernays {you can see the lack of humanity in his eyes, the hell). Members of my family like and support transgenderism, Elon Musk, and poisoning themselves with medical-military pharma. i’ve never been remotely interested in football until you shed light on these individual players like Cam Newton and Andrew Luck.You are exposing the socio-pathology in a new way. I am listening and learning. I share your love for that elusive clarity of the American mind that is getting so reversed and subverted. Fashion mind control is leading the marginal whites and melanin rich (formerly called blacks) in Oakland Berkeley to aspire (??!!##} to reading Karl Marx because he is difficult to understand. Yes, he’s hard to read because he is lying! Discernment is thought crime; loving life is anti-semitism (against Noahide law). What a great ramble!

  2. ROBERT – I suspect that the dreaded Jan 12 2020 event will be Trump’s state of the union address whereby he announces anti-trust action against Google and others – along with plan to put these platforms under FCC regulation. Teddy Roosevelt deja vu

  3. Robert, you are truly one of a kind. You are so spot on with everything you talk about. Your knowledge in astrology is just the icing on the cake. My husband is a HUGE sports fan and despite not being on board with astrology the way I am, he loves hearing your comments in regards to the sports industry. He recently asked me if you’ve covered Russell Westbroke and his "fashion" as well as asked me if you do fantasy football predictions. So, here I am asking if you’ve thought about doing something like that?

  4. Thank you Robert for the discussion about fashion and the confusion and degradation of the integrity of being human. Really appreciate you giving voice to that and finding a way to talk about it…calling it respectfully. Really important in my perspective. Yes, corporations are always about profit first…they could care less about people. Social engineering for profit and power.

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