32 Minutes of Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners

32 Minutes of Spanish Listening Comprehension for Beginners

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In this video, you’ll challenge your Spanish listening comprehension skills. You will listen to small dialogues for Beginner by Spanish native speakers. This is THE place to start if you want to start learning Spanish, and improve both your listening and speaking skills.

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  1. It is for beginners for pre IB Spanish. How do I know? I’m currently in Spanish 2, and our listening portions of tests usually talk this fast, lol. No entiendo por que nuestra profesora no puede darnos un parte de escuchar más fácil del exámen. Sabes, con gente que no escucha tan rápidamente.
    Cuz I still butcher Spanish like that, lol. It don’t work, but I’m at least happy that this exists to prepare for ridiculous listening parts of tests

  2. Idk guys, I can understand if the vocab/conjugation is a little more than beginner, but the woman speaks fine. No native Spanish speaker is gonna speak as clear as the man, many blend their words together and speak very quickly. If you didn’t understand this, listen over and over again until you can pick it up

  3. Not only is this not for a beginner the sentence is too long AND far too fast. Otherwise I think that the concept is good. I don’t need to know something 10 different ways AND sentences are NOT chapters.

  4. "Wanna speak real Spanish from your first lesson?" This kind of click bait lie is why I won’t be using your service

  5. For the next video, do you think you could have the women speak even quieter please? She was barely audible on my external speakers on max volume. I think it’d be a good test if she spoke quieter on listening skills for when you’re going deaf.

  6. Am I the only one who is struggling to hear the audio? I have the video volume maxed and my computer’s volume maxed and I can still barely hear..

  7. It took me 40 minutes to listen to it, study the words and review the whole exercise… Pay attention that I said exercise because I only completed the first one! But I think I learned a lot and I will definitely do the next exercise tomorrow.Thanks for uploading this on Youtube!

  8. I’m very happy for being able to understand spanish just for having being borned speaking portuguese, these languages are very similar.

  9. 12:40 why "Miguel no toma café" and not " Miguel no Bebe cafe"? Are they the same, or is there a different context? Thankyou!

  10. How hard would it be to just speak these dialogues slowly if the purpose of these videos is to teach beginners? This is too fast and the lady is really hard to understand.

  11. I’m so relieved to read some of the comments on here. I’m a beginner and felt disheartened that I was struggling to understand a lot of it!

  12. Thank god Youtube allows you to slow down videos
    Edit: Never mind. The slurring woman is impossible to understand at ANY speed.

  13. I could understand a little bit of what the guy was saying but the woman spoke so fast with not as much pronunciation so I could’nt understand what she was asking to begin with.

  14. Daam, I am a native Spanish speaker, and this is not for beginners, also the woman doesn’t speak that well, it can get confusing for beginners…

  15. currently in spanish 3-4 (second year), and it was not too hard. but it’s not for beginners unless you’re a beginner and you study and study and study and study

  16. Okay so this isn’t beginner but this is exactly what I was looking for. Took AP Spanish in high school but have forgotten tons of it. This got my brain going so good, thanks for the video

  17. I spent a year doing Rosetta stone for latin american spanish everyday, spent a month living in Chile and communicating well enough to get by, and I am currently taking a class to hone my skills. This was HELLA CHALLENGING for sure. I think the vocabulary is a little too specific and unique in places, and the conversations are very fast. A beginner hasn’t started thinking in spanish yet; they need a minute to hear the spanish and translate to their native language to understand. You don’t have to slow down, but maybe put pauses between the sentences to give a minute for processing.

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