🌟CHRIS WARK: A Kick-Ass Plan to Beat Cancer Naturally | Stage 3 Cancer Survivor | Chris Beat Cancer

🌟CHRIS WARK: A Kick-Ass Plan to Beat Cancer Naturally | Stage 3 Cancer Survivor | Chris Beat Cancer

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If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, you need to watch this! Chris Wark shares his emotional journey from refusing chemotherapy with stage 3 cancer to beating cancer through diet, exercise, intuition and faith. He’s now been cancer-free for 15 years.

If you’ve ever wanted to heal from illness, feel your greatest, or literally heal from cancer, then do we have the Chris Beat Cancer show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Chris Wark, speaker, patient advocate, wellness crusader, and the author of one of the most brilliant books I’ve ever read on health, Chris Beat Cancer.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about how to listen to your instincts, step out in faith, and take massive action to help heal our bodies.

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Chris Wark was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer in 2003, at 26 years old. After surgery, he opted out of chemotherapy and used nutrition and natural therapies to heal. He began sharing his story in 2010 with a mission to inspire people to take control of their health and reverse disease by radically transforming their diet and lifestyle. Chris reaches millions of people per year as a blogger, podcaster, speaker and global health coach through his social media channels and his website http://www.chrisbeatcancer.com.

Chris Beat Cancer Topics Include:

What happened to Chris Wark at age 26?
What happened when he tried out for The Apprentice?
How was he diagnosed with Cancer?
What was he told by the oncologist?
What was the shift Chris made at this time?
What does commitment have to do with anything?
What’s the importance of trusting your intuition?
What’s it mean to step out on faith?
What do you do if things don’t feel right?
What’s it mean to truly have something to live for?
What’s it mean to “overdose on nutrition”
How can food fuel our health?
What’s the problem with health-care today (and how can we overcome it)?
What is the Beat Cancer Mindset?
What’s the importance of accepting total responsibility for your health?
What’s the importance of being willing to do whatever it takes?
What does it mean to take massive action?
How important is it for our health to make bold plans for the future?
How important is gratitude in our health?
What’s the importance of a plant-based diet?
How can we use plants to beat cancer and return us to perfect health?
How important is stress reduction in a return to perfect health?
How do we need to change our internal languaging?
How do we move past negative self-talk?
What’s the importance of forgiveness?
What’s it mean to choose faith?


  1. My one major question is: What does a person do to heal themselves of cancer when they have no health insurance and aren’t swimming in money? Even naturopathic and holistic doctors need to be paid. Do they just bless those who do and go off to die?

  2. One thing he didnt mentioned that a lot of the fruits and vegies are not originally from mother earth what i mean by that is that we agricultures throughout the decades hybridized fruits and vegies that are man made to be honest so they might not be so bad as an ice cream but for sure not the healthiest too.I totally agree that we overconsume animal products btw there are people who eat a lot of eggs and personally i know one and lived for few mounths on eggs and is perfectylu healthy and he is 80yrs and that means that we can survive on every food for some period but long term i would not stick with it.Take the best of all worlds but modesty is key dont overdose and be humble dont overeat dont rush on chew and keep it e

  3. If you have cancer, get yourself proper science-based medical treatment, whatever else you do. Chris Wark’s doctor handled his cancer with science-based SURGERY, not diet or woo or thermo imaging or anything else. That he stays healthy by eating a good diet is good.

  4. Thank you SO MUCH, Chris, for the reminder of God’s love for us. Even though I know this, have known for most of my life and talk to Him daily, it’s so easy to lose sight of it. It’s so easy to get lost in our emotions and find ourselves swimming in stress. You took me to a special place during your talk. Thank you. <3

  5. I too found a wonderful integrative medicine oncologist and went “natural” with no chemo nor radiation. Thank you for this presentation and many blessings to you and your family.

  6. He says here that he doesn’t talk people out of chemotherapy, but often in his videos he is seen joking with people about doctors just wanting to make as much money out of people as possible and behaving like vultures. So whether that’s true or not. he is promoting the view that doctors only care about the amount of money they will make and so encouraging fear of medical treatment in general. That is as bad as saying diet and lifestyle and mental state can’t influence outcomes

  7. What you’re eating and what’s eating Y❤U. The part on forgiveness was awesome and on feeding your kids! Thanks!

  8. A message on the NORI site. Chris had surgery for his colon cancer. He then had a 50/50 chance of recurrence given the statistics for his stage of cancer. He is in the fortunate 50% side of this equation. He did not cure himself with juicing. He himself has given this history, so it is not a secret of any kind. It has gotten buried over time though. I am not saying he did not increase his chance of success with good health habits and proactive involvement. It is just that he did not cure himself by natural means.

  9. Healthy and healthy active ppl get cancer. Everyone has cancer genes and it depends in how your cancer cells are active. I believe you should still trust your oncologist, radiologist and surgeon. Steve Jobs ignored his doctors snd tried the nutritionist way. He could have done both and he would still be alive. I am a breast cancer survivor snd I was born with a progressive genetic disorder which attributed to me getting breast cancer. My lifestykr, food, exercise would not have stopped it. Yes its good to eat right and be active but just bc you do does not mean you won’t get cancer. Trust your doctors. I live in Canada snd health coverage is free, there should not be a charge to attain your method. What happens if someone cannot afford it? So this is only for the wealthy your method?

  10. Ohhhh Chris God bless you Sobhanallah you made made cry . I listen to all your stories from different pages but each time is another wonderful story.

  11. Great advice Chris. I chose the plant base diet too and now have my health back! A plant based diet is an excellent option for optimum health and there are no side effects.

  12. Beautiful interview, good job. Thanks Chris. My questions is did you combine all you juiced or separated? like did you combine Celery with Carrots?

  13. I love Chris Wark! He is helping and has helped so many with his journey over the past fifteen years. My heart breaks for the large % of people who either are NOT aware of this "natural" path or they are scared to death… by "not" embracing the "traditional" path, which leads to the very death they fear! It’s like when Noah and his three sons were building "this Ark." That took 120 to build by the way. The people of that day mocking and snickering at this older man that was saying things that were "foreign." "It’s going to rain and rain alot! The water will flood the entire Earth to the highest mountain peak and all mankind and creatures will be drowned. Wow,! Okay, so it had never rained! The Earth at that time was watered from underground springs…so this "rain" put doubt in these already wild party animal people. That is key to the direction you will ultimately go if you don’t dismiss it with something that counters that thought? The negative versus the positive or the unknown versus the only "known" you may know; but doesn’t mean it’s the only thing that is out there or you will ever know at some point. This "foreign" news will either drive us to learn more or doubt and retreat and go with what is easiest. Keep pressing on. Knowledge is powerful!

  14. He’s promoting dangerous quackery that won’t work and the results will be death.He is not being honest about his argument because he had surgery to remove cancer and that was the only reason he had the cancer removed.if he did not go to the doctor he still would have the cancer in the system and no natural cure would have cleared it out of your system. What’s really sad is that he’s making money off people that are desperately ill hoping for a miracle instead of going through chemo which is the only way that can cure cancer.and when some of the people he has on his channel die he quietly removes the video

  15. Crispy cancer show!? Not quite the subtle, sensitive Intro I would expect. There’s most probably many a cancer patient watching this and I am not quite sure this is the Intro they might be looking for, regardless of the main content. You look so happy, cancer patients are probably not feeling like that.

  16. Please Please help, my brother and I have cancer, he just got diagnosed with colon cancer and I have kidney cancer. His tumor is 16cm and my kidney tumor is 17cm. I moved in with him and want to beat this but have no clue where to start. I know it is diet, I’m on disability and he can’t work right now due to his condition so money is a big issue. I would love to travel to meet you, I’m willing to do anything but my brother is very hard headed and will not listen to me but he will listen to someone else. Any chance I can meet you or a conference or anywhere? I live in Virginia. This video is very informative and helpful.

  17. Chris, you shouldn’t advice people to wait when they have been diagnose with cancer like you say in one of your videos where you mention that cancer takes time to metastasize and people listen to you and do that as they search about mistletoe cure. Mistletoe does not work for everyone and how you beat cancer it sounds like a miracle.

  18. New sub here. I’m a huge fan of Chris Wark and this is an awesome interview; plus your energy in the interview is very warming. Thanks the this.

  19. Chris is my guru and can’t get enough. Loved the nugget about forgiveness. I have shared his book/methods/program with others who are alive and well as a result. This stuff is real!

  20. Chris i bought your set of dvd when you first came out with them . When i was first diagnosed with cancer you have been the one that has guided me through it for 2 years and 7 months. I chose to go natural and the doctor said i would die. But walked out anyway. I have never ask you questions. But i want you to know what this interview meant to me. I have carried so much guilt because of the worry and fear because i am a Christian i carried guilt because i felt i wasnt trusting God, so that guilt has been weighing me down so heavy, i haven’t heard any Christian talk about worry and fear so the guilt has been tearing me down. Thank you so much for releasing me from that today. Thank you so much for telling about you had terrible fears also because i know your Christian and yet you had the fears and worries too. Thank you for being honest and i thank God for using you to help me to let go of the guilt i have had toward Our Lord because of not letting go of the fear and worry. I dont have a doctor around that is trully into natural and dont have the money for all the test. So i am alone. So that brings on the stress more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart

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